At Edwards we understand that your wedding dress is one of the most valuable garments with huge sentimental value.

As a trusted and highly recommended wedding dress cleaner you will often see multiple wedding gowns in our store at any one time.

When you bring your gown to us the senior cleaning specialist will take time to inspect and discuss various aspects from cleaning methods, areas of damage, levels of soiling etc

There is an extensive cleaning process that starts with identification of various marks and soiled areas. These will be carefully hand cleaned using gentle methods and repeated where necessary. Cleaning within our modern Miele washers allows us to safely handle ‘Dry Clean Only’ items, without the use of harsh dry cleaning solvents and neurotoxins, such as perchloroethylene. These methods are proven to be safer for delicate garment.


After cleaning, we offer a preservation service whereby your garment is safely folded within layers of special acid-free paper within a specially designed breathable garment case. This process provides many years of safe storage to your garment within optimum condition.

Cleaning costs for wedding garments vary considerably. They are determined by factors such as the fabrics, detailing, amount of soiling to name just a few.

In order to assess and discuss the cleaning specific to your garment, we suggest that you call ahead to arrange a time to visit when our senior cleaning specialist will be on hand. The process should take no more then ten minutes.

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